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Inspection Services offered to Design Professionals

Utilizing the inspection process we offer allows principals to operate their business and employees to remain productive. By availing themselves of our jobsite inspection services, owners are free to best allocate their resources to more productive efforts.  Experienced inspectors will make jobsite visits for Architects and Engineers as projects progress and provide observation reports supported by photos. These onsite visits keep Design Professionals informed and aware of any potential problems as they arise. Items observed by our inspectors are construction quality, adherence to plans and specifications, best practices, and code compliance to include life safety. These visits will result in real time information to correct possible errors at a fraction of the cost to the Design Professionals and their clients. We can also represent Design Professionals in time consuming meetings as de-facto members of your staff, allowing even more flexibility.

Residential Owner Representatives

New residential construction projects need just as much quality assurance inspection during the construction phase as any commercial project. Normally, commercial or large residential projects have inspectors assigned to this task or quality assurance inspections are provides through the construction manager. In many cases, this is not enough.

The common belief of many owners is that local building inspectors are providing a quality of construction inspection in conjunction with their standard inspection for code compliance.This, however, could not be farther from the truth.  The local building inspector's role is only to see that the contractor is complying with the minimum standards of local building codes - not to measure the quality of the construction. A few seasoned inspectors will, from time to time, point out questionable quality issues, but they are most often on-site exclusively for code compliance issues.

Many potential problems are beyond the scope of the local building inspector's responsibility. These issues include the type and quality of the materials and methods being used, adherence to the building plans and specifications, along with crucial safety factors. Unfortunately, many of these components are not discussed with the contractor prior to the start of custom residential projects and are extremely important to have been detailed in advance of making financial commitments.

A few areas that we feel are commonly overlooked by owners of residential building projects:

    • Contract Plans: Ensuring that the plans reflect exactly what the owner expects when the project is completed.
    • Contract Specifications: Ensuring that the specifications address all issues, choices and concerns of the owner.
    • Contract Administration: Utilizing a contract that represents the interests of both the owner and the contractor equally and fairly allows for change orders during construction.
    • Contract Schedule: Ensuring that a schedule is submitted which provides the owners with a realistic time frame and key measurement milestones of the phasing and completion of the project.

Contact us today to discuss how we might assist you with your residential owner representative needs. Where desired, full time, on site owner's representation is available.

Commercial Owners Representatives

What is an Owners Rep?

    • An Owner's Representative is contracted to handle all aspects of a commercial capital improvement project or residential construction. They are similar to a project manager with one main difference. The owner's rep is there to make sure the owner's best interests are included in each decision and that the highest quality job is delivered on time and within budget.
    • Most businesses do not have the resources or project management experience necessary to manage a construction project. Contracting a construction monitoring firm offers many benefits. One of the advantages projects without the expense of managing the project in-house. This means that an experienced person will make sure that the work is completed in a professional and verifiable manner. They also provide conflict and problem resolution whenever issues arise.
    • Hiring an owner's representative will allow you to focus on doing what you do best, running your business. It will provide you peace of mind knowing that your project will be run in a timely and efficient manner.

Benefits of Working with an Owner's Rep: 

    • An owner's rep represents your interests as though they were a member of your staff.
    • This means that an experienced project manager will make sure that the general contractor completes your job in a professional and verifiable manner.  Some additional benefits of using an Owner's Representative are listed below.
      • On-site Project Management - We evaluate the quality of construction and promote appropriate improvements as needed
      • Construction Administration - Monitor scheduling and project management to assure that major milestones are met.
      • Construction Meetings - We represent your interests in meetings with the general contractor and all other entities employed by you.
      • Pay Draw Reviews - We verify that work has been completed according to your satisfaction before approving pay draws to your general contractor.
    • Full time on-site owner's representation is available as needed.

Loan Draw Inspections for Lenders:

Protective Inspections, LLC has seen the need for a more professional approach to the loan draw inspection process, one that offers the highest standard of excellence and assures our lending professionals the most comprehensive service available. Recognizing the importance of our role in the risk management process, we prefer that all of our field inspectors be experienced contractors, ICC certified building inspectors or construction inspectors, which assures our clients a level of professionalism that is unparalleled in the lending inspection industry.

Protective Inspections, LLC consists of professionals who fully understand the nuances and subtleties of the industry, an expertise that provides a high level of confidence for our clients.  Our services compile detailed progress reports and include helpful in-depth photographs to document a site's progress.  These comprehensive reports may contain a review of the payment application, our opinion as to the levels of completion of those items, and other construction trade activities occurring on site.  Additionally, we document completed items of work, and when requested, the overall quality of work.

The extensive safety experience our review staff has, allows them to spot on site safety risks which may have been overlooked by the contractor and could expose the owner or lender to potential litigation due to an attractive nuisance, hazardous condition, or an unsafe practice being used onsite.  This detailed look has been very well received by all of our lending clients and acts as an added value provided by the lender to the borrower.

Contact us today to discuss how we might assist you with your loan draw inspection needs.

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